Friday, November 14, 2008

Proposed Interview Schedule

Realistically, this is gonna be about a week and half interview deal. Thinking about plane tickets, holiday travel, and current low gas prices it makes sense to drive. Especially since we'll be hauling gear.
I'll drive the Xterra and Leigh Anna will come with us.

Guys double check the dates, if we can line up the people we want I am sure missing critque will not be a problem.

Thurs. Dec. 11: Leave Atlanta

Friday, Dec. 12: Interview in DC

Sat. Dec. 13: Drive to PA (130 miles)

Mon. Dec. 14: Interview in PA; Drive to NYC (110 miles)

Tues. Dec. 15: Interview in NYC

Wed. Dec. 16: Interview in NYC

Thurs. Dec. 17: Drive to RI (150 miles) Do interview; drive to Boston (about an hour drive)

Friday, Dec. 18: Interview in Boston

**this probably goes without saying but we need to line up the interviews on the date we will be in town. And the sooner the better.

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David said...

It sounds like I missed quit-a-bit in the last meeting. Can someone bring me up to speed on this itinerary.