Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fuck the Curriculum and welcome to the terror dome

From the Waldorf school website:

Waldorf schools around the world are committed to these intrinsic principles of education developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the guiding force behind the Waldorf School movement: that childhood is sacred; that children learn naturally and easily when a curriculum meets their specific developmental needs; that children’s imaginations must be carefully nurtured and protected from the encroachment of materialism and media; and that education must address the whole child—not only the intellect, but also the physical, social, emotional, artistic and spiritual capacities.

At The Waldorf School of Atlanta, children are encouraged to grow and mature in their own individual ways. Learning is a dynamic process that engages students with a rich sensory experience in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Students are engaged through active, curious, and creative participation in their own learning…

Anywho, I think students should be taught the core classes i.e math, science ect. for the first half of the year. Then use the skills and knowledge they've gained to solve "real" problems; the greatest teacher is experience. Students would learn only the basics for each subject, which gives them a solid foundation for exploration, speaking from personally experience all that shit can be learned in two months.

By only teaching students the basics we force them to create their own questions and hopefully solutions. It's not a 1+1=3 scenario ("Great Timmy"), but more like why doesn't 1+1=3. If that made any sense. We want to teach them how to think not what to think. Anybody can read a text book and regurgitate information.

So I say each year a students have half a year of classes and half a year of problem solving. This also allows students to figure out what they like, maybe little johnny hates math class but love physics and the math goes along with it.

Arts, Sciences, Literature, Math, Second Language, Some sort of physcial activity (I says Guts Style Gym class)

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