Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adam's Curriculum Ideas


Students begin to explore fundamentals of Trigonometry, Algebra, and Calculus. Learning is by textbook at first, then integrate real-world applications for each.


Students learn English grammar, syntax, and composition by reading some of the best contemporary and classic authors. Through essays, poetry, articles, and stories, students will gain a strong grasp on communicating effectively through writing. Writing effectively will be stressed in every class—not just language classes.

From the first year at Newton, students have the option of learning German, French, Spanish, or Chinese. After students gain language conjugation fundamentals, classes will be taught primarily in the particular language. Fluency is the goal by year 4.


Newton students will learn about biology, chemistry, and physics. Through practical applications like experiments, field trips, and lecture series, students will gain a grasp on the actual application of science.

If students choose, they can specialize in specific physics, chemistry, or biology classes (i.e. human biology, organic chemistry basics)


Students will learn and explore their own creative outlets. Through writing, performance, painting, dance, or music. Basic and advanced courses are offered in all disciplines.

If a student chooses, arts may become the emphasis for years 3 and 4 of the program.

Computer stations are available for students use in any discipline/class at the school. And classes will be taught on advanced uses of programs/hardware.

Guys, of course, will have to take figure drawing classes. The figures will be hot college chicks.

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