Friday, January 16, 2009

My So-Called Life

I only asked one question during high school, and it was " What I'm I learning this for, again?" and all my teachers would respond with the same answer "Because you NEED too." But I never felt that any of the information was pertinent to me, so I slacked off. I cut class, didn't do my homework; and when I did do my work it was half-assed.The only incentive I had during high school was basketball, and during basketball season was the only time I focused on my classwork. Luckily I can regurgitate information and passed most state exams, and I cut deals with teachers to pass me if I achieved certain scores on test (which I knew I could pass). Basically, I saw the system as a joke, so I treated as one. My teachers aren't to blame for my lack of interest, the subjects and information which I was taught was just fucking boring. In hindsight, I wouldn't change a thing. I learned how to bullshit, found loopholes in the system and still go my diploma and went to college. The same thing everyone else was trying to accomplish.

Tim's highs school years in chronological order:

9th Grade - failed math 1 and earth science

10 Grade - Failed math 2 and biology (blame that on Megan Rowe and getting suspended in the middle of the year for telling a teacher to stop calling my house and leaving creepy messages.)
-1 week out of school suspension
-3 day in school suspension
-Summer school

11th Grade - Failed Math 3 and chem
-Summer School

12th Grade

High school kinda sucked.

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